Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know

We know that planning an event should engaging, fun and interesting. We also understand that clients can have a lot of questions about getting the most out of their experience. That’s why we’ve provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Check them out below and don’t hesitate to contact us with any other queries.

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Where are you located?

I am based and operating in Tampa, Florida (and surrounding areas). I also operate in my hometown Nashville, Tennessee. I have recently planned parties in Nashville and I have flexibility to travel when I am needed. If we are planning, I will be a phone call, text or email away at anytime. If your event is in Nashville, I will be there days before your event date so that I can prepare and secure any final deliveries/ pickups/ errands. I know the area, culture and many vendors so it is easy for me to plan there. If you are in Tampa, I live here and I look forward to blossoming in this city as well! 

What types of events do you plan?

Occasions include but not limited to :

• Birthday or holiday party

• Wedding or anniversary

• Dinner party

• Corporate event 

• Bridal or baby shower 

• Graduation party 

• Outdoor event 

• Reunion  

• School event 

• Fundraiser ​

• Retirement 

What is included in a ‘Party Package’?

~ Custom invitations + reminders~ Welcome banners + guestbook~ Custom elaborate balloon arches + designs + backdrops~ Place settings for eating~ Custom centerpieces~ Table cloths + chair covers~ Event lighting~ 4 hour theme-appropriate music playlist (repeat)~ Assembly + Disassembly~ Coordination with other vendors: caterer, baker, photographer, videographer, transportation, hotel, DJ, etc.

• Pre-event consultation
• Budget management
• Vendor recommendations & bookings:- Caterer, baker, photographer, videographer, transportation, hotel, DJ etc.
- You'll receive a list of the vendors I recommend as well as help with contacting and booking them. I will coordinate all details and services with vendors & I will be onsite on the day of the event.
• Communication & payment management: There will be a structured payment plan that will be communicated.
• Create a design and inspiration board to ensure your vision is achieved.
• Attend all meetings with other vendors &  service providers
• Detailed ‘day of’ timeline management & coordination
• Additional onsite assistance the day of the event to ensure everything runs smoothly
• Unlimited email & phone consultations
• Design & Rental Assistance: We'll work together to gather inspiration and make sure your vision is achieved
• For weddings: - Custom Hotel Search: I will provide 4 options conveniently located near the venue.
- Rehearsal Coordination: This includes booking and organizing the rehearsal and dinner

Do I need to book a date online before I contact you?

Booking online is not required. Feel free to contact me anytime with your party concerns. If we are going to be working together, I encourage you to feel at ease reaching out! 

Phone: (813) 388-8085

What are "Additional Features"?

Additional features can be added onto your party package. These items can also be rented without party planning services. Here are a few ideas!
• Elegant throne sofa/chair 
• Floral Arrangements 
• Custom faux floral wall backdrop 
• Jumbo foam fetters or numbers
• Jumbo games + custom games & prizes 
• Arts and crafts packages 
• Face painting stand 
• Bouncy house 
• Karaoke 
• Gift registry created for you 
• Gift from me ornately wrapped for your event 
• Scrapbook/ photo album after event 
• Custom party favors for each guest invited  

What is the difference between Basic, Deluxe,  and Elite Party Packages?

The difference between Basic, Deluxe and Elite is mostly based upon the number of guests you are expecting and the type of event being planned. The number of guests you are expecting is directly correlated to the products and services I provide. Choosing the best package for your event is also based upon how extravagant you envision your event. While I always strive for high quality results in every project, some details may be more costly than others. 
Timing is another important factor in choosing the proper party package. 

 •Basic Party Package 5 to 25 guests 1-2 months in advance (least expensive)
•Deluxe Party Package 25-75 guests 3-6 months in advance (best value)
•Elite Party Package 75 or more guests 6-12 months in advance (most fabulous)

How far in advance should planning begin?

Proper planning takes good deal of focus, time and resources, especially starting from the beginning and investing in oneself.

So, usually for birthdays, I'd suggest a client to contact me at least 45 days before the event so that I can get started creating stunning invitations and centerpieces.

For baby showers, the time frame is different a baby only gets 1 baby shower but multiple birthday parties; so I recommend the client to contact me as soon as you can start telling people. Gender reveals are optional but baby showers are a 'must have' for first time moms!

For weddings, typically 6 to 12 months in advance. 

How much does it cost?

Prices are subject to change and may vary depending on size the of your party and additional features. Details and themes are flexible + options can be amended as needed. See product list for details. Payment plan available. 

 •Basic Party Package 5 to 25 guests 1-2 months in advance (least expensive) Starts around $2800.
•Deluxe Party Package 25-75 guests 3-6 months in advance (best value) Starts around $3600.
•Elite Party Package 75 or more guests 6-12 months in advance (most fabulous) Price TBD after consultation. 

After your FREE consultation, I will create a vision board for you to review. If we decide to work together, a non-Refundable 50% deposit is due when planning begins. Remainder of costs are to be paid at least 3 days before your special day! 

Prices my vary for services that involve other vendors: 

• Venue/location • Photographer

• Videographer • Catering • Baking • Transportation • Hotel • DJ 

I use PayPal, Zelle, and ApplePay. 

What is your background?

First, I’ll explain the origin of the name I picked for my business. “TeeTee” is short for ‘aunt’. My business is very new but I’ve been answering to the name “TeeTee” for about 15 years; even some of my friends will playfully get my attention with it! My niece, nephew and I grew up together; so there’s a strong bond between us. My desire to be present for them has always been at the forefront of my mind and helped lead me through college and into my career as an Animal Scientist and a Cytologist. I started with an associates degree at Nashville State Community College and finished my schooling with an Animal Science degree from UT Knoxville and a Cytology degree from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. 

This combination of family and education, helped me build the groundwork that I needed in order to set my long term goals. I am still a scientist but I have been an artist an creator my entire life. This is what I enjoy doing. 

I have hosted many events in the past decade. In the last year, before I even thought of creating an LLC, I planned and hosted 6 events, which was a record number for me. During that time, I was able to develop solid contacts and network with other local artists and creators; I love buying locally!  This summer I received the best news; I found out that I was becoming a Great Aunt! I immediately began planning the baby shower. And discovered that could actually do this for a living! Party Planning is so much fun to me and it gives me a way to express my creativity, show love, and grow in Nashville and in Tampa, FL.

How has Covid19 impacted your business

Be aware of social distancing. 

The pandemic is a hurtle to everyone around the world. After the initial wave of Covid, I spent my free time figuring out safe ways to gather. As a precaution to the pandemic, I offer face masks and temperature readings; I put up signs and take other measures to let guests know that we still need to be aware of social distancing and considerate of each other while connecting. Some clients can add a Zoom meeting to their party so that family who aren’t able to attend can still be present! 

What is the cancellation policy?

Payment plan available. Non-Refundable 50% deposit paid when planning begins, after FREE consultation and vision board is created. Remainder of costs paid 3 days (72 hours) before your event! If planning is voluntarily postponed by client, the event can be rescheduled to a date within 3 months of original event date. If planning is voluntarily cancelled by client within 3 days of the event, 25% of 2nd payment is still due. If planning is cancelled by planner, client will receive full refund. If uncontrollable circumstances occur, ie: extreme weather conditions (hurricane or storms preventing transportation to event) or government mandated restrictions (pandemic), the deposit will not be refunded. The event date can be postponed within 1 year if these uncontrollable circumstances occur. Otherwise, if event is cancelled (and not rescheduled) within 3 days of event, because of uncontrollable circumstances, 25% of 2nd payment is still due.